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Number of Employees

Administrators & Managers

Online File Storage Space
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Location, Dept., Sub dept. & designation

Bank Information

Financial Year

SMS Announcement/Alert
Employee Profile

Generate Employee Cards

Company Documents, Employee letters & Notification

Designation, Category, Employee Type

Contractors & Supervisors Info
Manage Different Shifts

Rotation (Group and Individual)

Manage Public Holidays

Attendance Register (Date/Employee Wise)

Reader Access control panel

Time Reports of Daily, Monthly, Yearly Basis
Manage Leave for Different Groups/Levels

Leave Assignment & Brought Forward

Set Late & Absents Into Leave
Employee Basic Pay Structure

Employee Pay, Allowances and Deductions

Loan and advancements payment schedule

Income Tax


Employee bonus

Bank transfer

Reports/Custom Report Updating

Employee Section for My Account

Graphical Reports (HR, Time, Leave, Payroll)

HRSuite-Time Attendance & Payroll

HR Suite is an enhanced personal / HR system with full recording and reporting features for such vital issues as attendance and payroll, employee history and leave records with payroll management for your main office and it's multiple locations.