Affordable online HR software that is easy to use.

Effortless HR Software Detailed Feature List.

Human Resource:

  • Basic Employee profile
  • Generate Employee cards
  • SMS Announcement/Alert
  • Employee Section for My Account
  • Employee information (education, experience, expertise, training, dependents, additional contacts, user id / password, report)
  • Company Documents, employee letters and notification
  • Reports (current employees & left employees)
  • Graphical reports

Time Attendances:

  • Manage different number of shifts.
  • Rotation (group and individual).
  • Time entry (employee and date wise).
  • Sift Setup.
  • Over time calculation.
  • Employee Temporary cards.
  • Process database (flat file system, direct form database etc.).
  • Number of time reports on the bias of daily, monthly and yearly.
  • Graphical reports.

Leave Management:

  • Manages every employee leave (current, available, Uncashable, balance leave etc.)
  • Manage leave for different group/level
  • Reports (status, details, summary and statements)
  • Leave forwarding, set late into leave

Payroll Software:

  • Employee Basic pay structure
  • Employee pay, allowances and deductions
  • Loan and advancements payment schedule
  • Income Tax
  • Employee bonus
  • Salary setup (including allowances, deductions, pay formula, attendance rule, penalties etc.)
  • IT Slab
  • Bank transfer
  • Reports (monthly payroll, cheque details, over time, Income Tax and loan etc.)
  • Custom report Updating